Márta Kóródi;
 Csilla Kalmárné Rimóczi
Abstract: The comprehensive study is based on the database of questionnaire research in the settlements of Tisza riverside, in the summertime from 2010 to 2016. Inquiry form apart from standard questions, focused on the different elements of the experience on demand or supply side, deepening the query toward the motivation or satisfaction. Issues of research focus on factors influencing travel decisions usually or during actual travel, the intended and actual intensity of the individual experience factors, the satisfaction with tourism product items, the attitude of local products consuming, the accommodations, the spending and spending structure and other travel habits. In addition to the experiencecentred approach, product orientation can be traced, and it is also possible to define the characteristics, consumption habits and subtypes of the riverside tourists of Tisza, their preferred experience elements, which as part of the experience basis or the generated experience supply may contribute to the further development of this area. The result of the research is the determination of “the Tisza riverside tourist profiles” according to age groups.
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