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Decision Sciences Institute (DSI)
44th Annual Meeting
Decision Analytics—Rediscovering Our Roots
Baltimore, 16–19 November 2013
European Decision Sciences Institute (EDSI)
Fourth Annual Conference
Common Disciplines that Separate Us: Local Contexts in Global Networks
Budapest, 16–19 June 2013
Council of National Scientific Students’ Associations (OTDT)
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
31st National Scientific Students’ Associations Conference (OTDK)
Economics Section
Veszprém, 18–20 April 2013
International Labour and Employment Relations Association (ILERA)
Eight Asian Regional Congress
Work and Employment in the Asian Century
Melbourne, 9–12 April 2013
Roderick Martin
Constructing Capitalisms: Transforming Business Systems in Central and Eastern Europe
Oxford University Press ISBN 978-0-19-965766-7
Oxford, 21 March 2013
p-ISSN 2063-8248 e-ISSN 2064-0188
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