Fanny Liska;
Ildikó Kovács;
Zoltán Veres
Abstract: Dietary supplements, Recreational sports, Motivations, Ethical communication, Social marketing.
Fanny Liska2020
Abstract: Co-creation in the economic sense manifests itself in the interaction between the company and the consumer. This research presents a qualitative study of consumer decision-making in the service market, exploring the co-creation content in user preferences. The research investigated two areas. One is the beginning of the service selection process, important aspects emerging in the information gathering and consideration phase, with a focus on service products in the tourism and HORECA sectors. Empirical research is based on focus group interviews, where the deeper context of the transcripts was explored using text analysis software. In examining the texts, it was revealed that the occurrence of concepts related to co-creation was remarkable. Based on the code structure in the text, the following user expectations for co-creation can be associated: communication, value proposition, availability, flexibility and experience. In addition, service complexity affects the customer’s expectations of co-creation and the expectations of potential consumers separate according to their personality. The results of the research have been built in a proposed model to identify co-creation expectations. From the point of view of service marketing theory, it can be concluded that co-creation is a combination of adaptation and active client policy. At the same time, the revealed model gives the company the opportunity to improve quality management.
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