Csilla Nezdei2017
Keywords: local product, horticulture, home made product, seasonal difference,
Abstract: Nowadays touristic areas face many challenges regarding capacity utilization, competition and the seasonal fluctuation of touristic products. In Hungary, the Balaton Resort Area (BRA) illustrates the seasonal differences well both in the demand of touristic products and in the visits to the particular attractions. The aim of this study is to present the seasonal characters of the consumers’ usage of space and its appearance in the consumer trends and products. The market operators’ aspect shows the role of management in this case. The own face-to-face survey and researcher observations can interpret the differences between the three measured intervals (preseason, season and off-season). Although the satisfaction of local needs is considered as the main role of marketplaces in preseason, in the peak season touristic effects can be observed: the touristic demand occurs mainly by the low intensity catchment area of property owners and visitors. The off-season combines the previous periods with their characters. The supply and demand of marketplaces may involve a few niche opportunities which could vary the product portfolio. The market food supply is provided by both local producers and traders, not only from the region but also from wider zone. The appearence of goods in the market depends on the national laws restricting the status of vendors, the selling types of goods and the management side (attitude, activity of operators, etc.).
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