Andriy Krysovatyy;
 Yuriy Hayda;
 Olha Sobko;
 Oleh Chukhnii
Abstract: This article highlights the results of research carried out by partner universities as part of the Erasmus+ project “International mobility – opportunity and problem. Proper preparation of the university for international students” in 2019. This article provides data on the intensity and character of the process of international mobility of students in various European countries and the results of the classification of these countries by a set of indicators. Desk research analyses on problems in various universities in EU countries mainly in terms of searching for good practices was applied. Information from study portals, webpages of universities in 24 European countries was collected and analysed. A list of good practices used by European universities to assist international students by choice of university, majors and courses of study, provision of accommodation, adapting to the new cultural and language environment and by other organizational and educational situations was compiled. Existing experience and insights of European universities were used during the preparation of the project document “Manual for the university. How to prepare for the reception of international students”.
p-ISSN 2063-8248 e-ISSN 2064-0188
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