Dorota Kwiatkowska‑Ciotucha;
 Urszula Załuska;
 Cyprian Kozyra
Abstract: The article is dedicated to the evaluation of universities participating in the Stranger project in terms of the level of preparation for accepting foreign students and lecturers. It contains the most important results of quantitative primary research conducted using the PAPI questionnaire interview method and the recommendations for universities based on them. The research was conducted in the period of December 2018 – March 2019 at all partner universities of the project in two target groups: foreign students and university employees representing both scientists and teachers as well as the university administrative staff. In total, the research covered 366 students and 224 employees. While performing the analyses of the research results we focused on finding possible differences in terms of characteristics such as the country of origin, country of exchange, gender or the character of studies in the case of a group of students, and features such as country, gender, type of work performed, and seniority in the case of university employees. The results of the conducted analyses showed the existence of statistically significant differences, mainly in the case of such characteristics as country, type of studies and type of work performed.
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