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Pannon Management Review publishes articles covering an extensive range of views. Inevitably, these views do not necessarily represent the views of the editorial team. Articles are screened—and any other reasonable precautions are taken—to ensure that their contents represent their authors’ own work. Ultimately, however, Pannon Management Review cannot provide a foolproof guarantee and cannot accept responsibility for accuracy and completeness.


Hungarian copyright laws and international copyright conventions apply to the articles published in Pannon Management Review. The copyrights for the articles published in this journal belong to their respective authors. When quoting these articles and / or inserting brief excerpts from these articles in other works, proper attribution to the copyright-holder author and proper acknowledgement of Pannon Management Review (http://pmr.uni-pannon.hu) must be made. Reproduction and download for other than personal use are not permitted. Altering article contents is also a breach of copyright.

By publishing in Pannon Management Review, the authors will have confirmed authorship and originality of their work and will have agreed the following contractual arrangements: copyrighted material is clearly acknowledged; copyright permission had been obtained, where necessary; Pannon Management Review may communicate the work to the public, on a non-exclusive basis; Pannon Management Review may use the articles for promotional purposes; and authors may republish their articles elsewhere, with the acknowledgement ‘First published in Pannon Management Review (http://pmr.uni-pannon.hu)’.

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