Martin, Roderick2013
Keywords: editorial,
King‑Metters, Kathryn H.;
Metters, Richard D.
Keywords: China, Chinese employees, cultural values, hospitality sector, hotel industry, indigenous labour, migrant labour, multinationals, Special Economic Zone, Western managers,
Cartwright, Andrew2013
Keywords: Central and Eastern Europe, demographics, Hungary, land reform, Romania, rural in-migration, rural out-migration, (management of) rural public services, Serbia, urbanisation,
Clarke, Alan2013
Keywords: business values, co-creation, commodification, pilgrimage, RECULTIVATUR, religious tourism, religious values, service-dominant logic, Southern and Eastern Europe, tourism,
Komlósi, Edit2013
Keywords: ability emotional intelligence, conceptual performance, functional managers, general managers, hospitality sector, hotel industry, Hungary, personality, task performance, trait emotional intelligence,
Lublóy, Ágnes;
Vastag, Gyula
Keywords: Albert-László Barabási, influence, networks, scale-free networks,
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