Zoltán Albert;
 Márta Giliga
Keywords: health tourism, product development, emerging destination, Covasna,
Abstract: Covasna (Transylvania) is a place with a very valuable natural environment and a wide range of natural healing assets. However, the lack of awareness, and shortage in infrastructure and tourism services results challenges when developing tourism in the destination. The Off to Spas project is a valuable tool for this emerging destination to find the already attractive assets and services, and to develop tourism packages that can be a motivation for visiting the surroundings. In the case of Covasna, the project provided an excellent know-how and network to build on. The result is a new health tourism product that can support the reputation of the place, and induce further developments in the area.
p-ISSN 2063-8248 e-ISSN 2064-0188
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