Aysel Oflazoglu;
 Ahmet Mercan;
 Ayla Tunçel;
 Ibrahim Göç;
 Emine Şentürk 
Abstract: Ertuğrul Gazi Commemorating ceremony and Söğüt Festival is a great example of sustainability of culture, tourism and recognition of old traditions. It has lasted over seven centuries; the 735th anniversary was held in 2016. It is celebrated annually on the second week of September in the Söğüt district of the city of Bilecik in Turkey. This festival is celebrated with spiritual purposes such as presenting the love and respect of the nomadic ‘Yoruk’ tribes to their fathers; teaching the love of the fatherland and history to young generations; memorising their history; and enhancing unity and solidarity between them.
p-ISSN 2063-8248 e-ISSN 2064-0188
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