Judit Sulyok;
 Tünde Vajda
Abstract: Ageing population is a widely discussed phenomenon. Supporting seniors’ healthy and active lifestyle, a wide range of products and services are aimed at serving elder age groups’ needs. Travelling with tourism purposes is among one of the popular activities of seniors in developed countries. Acknowledging tourism’s benefits, the European Union is also supporting programmes with the objective of developing new tourism products, new tourism flows. In the framework of the COSME programme (co-funded by the EU), projects have been initiated with the main objective fostering tourism flows during the off-season period. This can help not only to raise the quality of life of the involved travellers, but can result a better use of tourism capacities, and a more balanced tourism performance of destinations. One of the COSME programme is the Off to Spas project (676737/COSME) that aims creating a new health tourism product in the Central European countries attractive for senior tourists during the offseason period.
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