Alan Clarke;
 Katalin Lőrincz
Judit Sulyok;
 Katalin Lőrincz
Keywords: Balaton, tourism, waterside, destination,
Abstract: Being an iconic destination in Hungary, the Lake Balaton and its surroundings do play a significant role in tourism. Although the area’s recreational history dates back to the 19th century, image has been strongly formed by the mass tourism decades. The tourism trends, among them the restructuring of demand, has brought new challenges for the destination struggling with strong temporal and spatial imbalance of visitor flows. Nowadays, besides the ‘measurable’ tourism, the area offers unforgettable experiences also for non-conventional tourists (e.g. VFR, second home owners, oneday visitors). This article seeks to provide a short overview of the theoretical background of waterside areas as tourism destination, furthermore gives a summary of the current situation.
p-ISSN 2063-8248 e-ISSN 2064-0188
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