Géza Szabó;
 Bence Závodi
Abstract: The festival tourism sector in Hungary has gone through a tremendous development over the last few years. Several of the Hungarian festivals attract tens of thousands of people, and most of the festivals attract international guests as well. The festivals of selected importance are well supplemented by events of smaller size and range, as a result of which the festival offer of Hungary is diverse and complex. Wine gastronomy festivals, the central element of which is wine, are now dominant factors in the festival offer of Hungary. Coming from the particularities of the topic we relied on secondary methods in the first place, such as processing the related literature and the collection of wine gastronomy festivals from different sources. Wine gastronomy festivals are usually linked to the wine producing areas of Hungary, and also to the destinations most visited by tourists. Hungary possesses seven wine regions; the Balaton Wine Region is of special importance, mainly due to its renowned wine producing areas. The Wine Region has a total of six wine producing areas, four of which are more important than the remaining two, especially because of their direct connection to Lake Balaton. The Balaton Wine Region is one of the wine gastronomy centres of Hungary, proven by the fact that onethird of all wine gastronomy events organised in Hungary in 2016 took place here. The authors of this paper try to find out what special features the wine gastronomy supply of Balaton Wine Region has and to what extent these are compatible with the national trends.
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