Gyöngyi Hajmásy2018
Abstract: This study analyses the attitudes of the Hungarian four- and five-star hotels toward employee-related corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. Workforce is one of the most important dimensions of corporate social responsibility (CSR). In spite of rising interest in CSR in various industries, including the lodging industry, employee-related activities are a rarely examined subject in the hospitality context, even though employees in the lodging industry are one of the key factors of hotels’ quality service delivery. They have direct connection with hotel guests, consequently they can largely contribute to customer satisfaction through appropriate service delivery. Thus this study examines the Hungarian high-quality hotels’ attitude towards employee-related CSR activities. According to a survey based on the opinion of the Hungarian four- and five-star hotel executives, the most important initiatives tended to ensure healthy and fair working conditions, ensure non-discrimination and equal opportunities for new candidates and ensure internship opportunities to students. Hotel executives reported that customer satisfaction, cost savings and branding-related outcomes were the main reasons for CSR implementation.
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