Flórián Strack2017
Abstract: Health tourism is a dynamically developing sector of the economy with a lot of potential. Medical wellness is the cross-section of wellness tourism and medical tourism, which is continuously growing in popularity. It is a nearly new product which is expected to be one of the most popular trends in the next years but draws heavily on Hungarian traditions. This subtype of health tourism is based on both natural and man-made resources. One of the main types of services providers within health tourism are medical hotels. Issues of sustainability are very important for this segment because these accommodations are based on, and used to operate within sensitive natural resources and conditions. The paper deals with certified Hungarian medical hotels. It analyses the hotels’ present situation with the help of structured interviews carried out with medical wellness specialists and questionnaires dedicated to hotels and consumers. The paper’s goal is to put emphasis on medical wellness trends, providing solutions for regulatory and registration systems of domestic medical hotels as well as to analyse them in the context of sustainability. In the case of hotels not only the economic sustainability is important but one should pay attention on human, social and environmental contexts as well. The role of medical wellness trends is also important, because in some cases they do not support sustainability and they are able to drive customers towards a non-sustainable form of behaviour. The Hungarian system of medical wellness and medical hotels has some deficiencies and errors however these factors offer opportunities for development which will be elaborated here.
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