Eszter Madarász2016
Keywords: senior, tourism, successful ageing, ageing societies, Europe,
Abstract: Nowadays societies are rapidly changing: fertility rates are declining, life expectancy is lengthened, urbanization and migration are important circumstances too in this environment (European Commission, 2014). The prognosis of the UNWTO says that the trips of people over 60 will mean two billions travel by 2050 (Morgan et al., 2015). Such forecasts supposed that each older generation would be healthier, better educated and more financially secure than the previous (Patterson, 2006; Morgan et al., 2015). Older adults are a very attractive segment for tourism stakeholders. The reason for that – among others – is that they have an increased awareness of their health status, so health can be a crucial motivator when travelling with tourism purposes (Chen et al., 2013).
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